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  2. Breathwork and Relationship Patterns

Breathwork and Relationship Patterns

Seminar for relationship issues

The breath creates a continuously new internal relationship. Breathing, I meet other people, and my breathing pattern is shaped by these encounters, from eye contact to sexuality. The duality of male and female is represented in the rhythmical change between inhalation and exhalation.

This group also highlightens the interactive aspects of breathwork.

  • Archetype male/female (animus-anima)
  • patterns of collusion
  • Phases and Qualities of relationships
  • Attachment types
  • partner and eye contact breathing
  • Transference and counter-transference in breathwork

Time: March 2 – 4 2018 (friday 18.00 to sunday 18.00)

Trainer: Wilfried Ehrmann, Mag. Birgit M. Ahlfeld-Ehrmann

Venue: RAUM, Hollandstraße 7/4, 1020 Wien