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  2. Conception and Birth

Conception and Birth

The seminar resolving issues around conception, pregnancy and birth

The entrance to life in conception and at birth is a crucial step. Imprints from these events can influence personality and character in a deep, often traumatic way. With breathing exercises and processes, these experiences can be overwritten and resolved.

  • Types of conception and birth
  • Conception meditation
  • Insights in prenatal psychology
  • Important experiences in embryonal and fetal life
  • Birth channel for healing the birth experience
  • Experience of the first breath
  • Birth patterns and relationship

Time: Jan 26 – 28 2018 (friday 15.00 to sunday 18.00)

Trainer: Wilfried Ehrmann, Romana Fasthuber, Eva Reichmann

Venue: Verein Sangha, 1070 Wien

Registration: Verein ATMAN, Cervantesgasse 5/5, 1140 Wien, Tel. 01 3692363, Email: info@atman.at, www.atman.at