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Peakstates Therapy

Basically it is our aim in life that we feel well, free and happy all around. We presume that this is only possible in peculiar situations according to our experience. Now and then, we experience such feelings of deep bliss and connection with everything, but they do not last. We do not know how to regain them as soon as they have vanished. This is why we are searching for theses peakstates, sometimes with rather strange methods like consuming and driving fast, and usually such forced efforts makes us even more unhappy.

The most important discovery of peakstates research (by the Institute for Studies of Peakstates) was, that such peakstates are normal states, and that they are just blocked by traumas. The institute has been developing methods for the targeted resolution of special traumatizations and thus opening the way for enduring and reliable peakstates.

I offer the following peakstates processes:

Inner Peace – a state of reconciliation with all unpleasant experiences in the past and a relaxed way of dealing with experiences in the present.

Silent Mind – a state of inner emptiness and liberation from disturbing or torturing thoughts.