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Systemic Therapy

We live in systems, which connect us to other people (also to animals, plants and objects). Many of the elements of these connections are not know to us, yet influence us, often stronger than those we know of. Such connection can also lead far back and can include ancestors we do not even know personally. When we bring such connections to light and find the right position for deranged elements, the resolution is felt in the moment as relieve.

When working systemically, I usually use constellations. In a single session, I use objects to mark the positions. Each position feels differently, and the positions have to be rearranged till everything feels right and in good order.A special method of systemic work, which I have developed, is systemic breathing. Here, the elements of the system have their place inside the body and the right order can be felt as liberating relaxation in the body.Many issues, from problems in the family or work, finding deciscions and resolving inhibitions for motivation up to physical phenomena and diseases. With different methods from systemic structural constellation work according to Matthias Varga von Kibéd and Insa Sparrer, virtually every issue and problem can be treated efficiently.