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  2. Breathwork and Bodywork

Breathwork and Bodywork

Seminar for experiencing the connection of bodywork and breathwork.

Exercises from bioenergetics and Reichian body therapy are integrated into basic forms of breathwork.

  • Grounding exercises
  • Breath- and voice exercises
  • Working on the diaphragm
  • Resolving back, neck and shoulder blockages
  • Working with aggression
  • Integrative exercises

Time: november 24 – 26 2017 (friday 18.00 till sunday 16.00)

Trainer: Wilfried Ehrmann, Svarup Hofmann

Venue: Michlwirt, Miesenbach/NÖ

Registration: Verein ATMAN, Cervantesgasse 5/5, 1140 Wien, Tel. 01 3692363, Email, www.atman.at