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  2. Breath and Energy Work

Breath and Energy Work

In this seminar sensitivity and trust in intuition is trained.

In breathing, the physical process of metabolism is connected to the energetic exchange with the environment.
Inner attention and sensitivity allows to feel these vibrations and flows.

  • Theory and practice of chakra work
  • Aura and aura cleansing
  • Theory and practice of elements
  • Mirror breathing
  • Grounding exercises, fire breathing
  • Light and fire meditations
  • Intuitive perception

Trainers: Heidi Wolf, Wilfried Ehrmann

Time: March 31 – April 2, 2017 (friday 18.00 to sunday 16.00)

Venue: Jagdschloss Wolfstein, 3542 Kochholz

Registration: Verein ATMAN, Cervantesgasse 5/5, 1140 Wien, Tel. 01 3692363, Email: info@atman.at, www.atman.at