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  2. Breathing in Water and Creative Thinking

Breathing in Water and Creative Thinking

The power of breath can support in finding personal goals and manifest them in daily life.
Breathing in warm and cold water is a perfect support for these processes and increase inner awareness and determination.

  • Conscious, unconscious and superconscious thinking
  • discovering patterns of belief
  • Breathing with affirmations
  • Creativity and flexibility in thinking
  • Structural tension and visualisation
  • Warm water breathing
  • Cold water breathing

Date: April 28 – May 1, 2017 (friday 15:00 to monday 17:00)

Trainer: Madya and Wilfried Ehrmann

Venue: Freiland, Niederösterreich

Registration: Verein ATMAN, Cervantesgasse 5/5, 1140 Wien, Tel. 01 3692363, Email: info@atman.at, www.atman.at