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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness means to direct the attention to what is happening right now. In the attitude of attention I observe what I experience. In this I try to deal acceptingly and benevolently with my experiences. I do not give importance to judgements and explanations. What I perceive, I experience consciously and participatingly without identifying myself with it. On and on I direct my attention from the outside to the inside.

What is a Mindful Way of Living?

Unter achtsamer Lebensführung verstehe ich das Bestreben, im Moment zu leben: Achtsam wahrnehmend, was jetzt gerade ist. Statt Gedanken, die in die Zukunft oder die Vergangenheit führen, zuviel Raum zu geben, versuche ich, tiefer in die Erfahrung des Augenblicks einzutauchen.

Why does Mindfulness Need Practice?

We all have tendencies to carelessness. They mostly come from worries and fears, which have their roots in our personal history. To keep the focus in the presence, practice is needed as well as new habits, like daily mindful exercises.

What can be the Results of Mindfulness Training?

  • Inner calmness and equanimity
  • Open listening and empathy
  • More joy of life
  • Better access to feelings
  • Better regulation of feelings, especially fear.
  • Insight into behavioural patterns
  • Deepened body feeling

Mindfulness as Therapy

A growing number of scientific studies proves that training in mindfulness is a valuable support in dealing with disorders and diseases. Exercises in mindfulness had a positive impact on depressions, pain diseases, heart problems, stress and many other disorders. Mindfulness exercises change the brain significantly already after eight weeks of practice, namely in better connecting both hemispheres and the areas responsible for emotions and cognitions.