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Therapeutic Breathwork

Breathwork is a deep going method of self experience and self enquiery. By concentration on our breath, we manage to perceive our body from inside and to experience and understand its signals.

Inhibitions or restrictions of the flow of breath indicate withhold feelings, which can be connected to emotional burdens and traumas. By keeping the attention on the breathing, these feelings surface and can be experienced in detail. Events from earlier phases of life can be brought back and integrated, so that they do not cause any problems in our present life. Sometimes, such experiences reach far back to childhood, birth or prenatal life.

‘The end of a breathwork session usually is in deep relaxation, in which all the experience during the process can be accepted internally and brought into new contexts. The facilitator furthers this process of exploration with his presence. He provides safety for facing unpleasant feelings. Sometimes verbal and tactile support can be offered to free the flow of breath. Often, selected music is used for supporting the breathing process and arising feelings.

To learn to relax breathing is a very important basis for a healthy life style. Many physical and emotional diseases have their root in a stress loaden way of living. When we manage to bring our awareness back to our breathing and to relax it throughout the day, we can improve the quality of our life tremendously.