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Atman Seminars

I am the main trainer of the atman seminar series for training in breathwork. You can participate in most of the seminars with sufficient experience in group therapy. New participants are accepted openheartedly by the group. Many participants report that they appreciate a lot how well lthey feel in the group after a short time. When there are English speaking participants, the seminars will be conducted in German and English.

Introductory talks are offered for free.

Grundlagenseminar (Basic Training in Breathwork
Gefühlsseminar (Breathing and Emotions)
Selbsterfahrung (Self Experience Intensive
Körperarbeit (Breathwork and Bodywork)
Empfängnis und Geburt (Conception and Birth)
Kindheitsseminar (Childhood and Traumatization)
Beziehungsseminar (Relationship and Breathwork)
Energieseminar (Energy Work)
Wasseratmen (Breathing in Water)
Atemarbeit in der Praxis (Breathwork in Practice)