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The Therapeutic Talk

Person centered verbal exchange is the basis of all therapy. It helps to clear issues and themes, which bother the client.

I come from a place of unconditional positive regard. This attitude gives the freedom to talk about all inner problems and burdens.

I avoid any judgment: All is welcomed and can be expressed. I am not in a position of rejecting or judging anything about what a client shares.
I follow the principle, that everyone does at any given moment of one’s life, what is actually possible to do. Even if later on something appears as failure or mistake, it had not been possible to act differently in this moment, otherwise the action had been different. So there is nothing, which we can condemn about ourselves or others in principle.

The centre of therapeutic talk is shared exploration: What appears behind experiences and stories formed from them? Which feelings lie behind those, which appear on the surface? How do these feelings relate to one’s self-image? Which perspectives and beliefs dominate the experience, how can they change and which consequences have such changes?

When we succed in enlarging our perspecitves and gain an new point of view on our experience and on the motivation of other people, we start to feel better.