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  2. Growing in Relationship

Growing in Relationship

7 Steps of Consciousness


  • Love as belonging together – Safety and security
  • Love of myself – Identity and inner strength
  • Love and social framework – Forms of commitment
  • Love and achievement – Being in the world
  • Love as I and You – Personal encounter
  • Love in nets of relationship – Relating systemically
  • Love and universe – Being one in the whole


We have always lived in relationships. Out of relationship our existence started. We became men and women in relationships. In relationships we want to grow.
Relationship needs nourishing for blossoming and growing.
Let us feel more of our softness, wildness power and pleasure. Let us meet our shadow sides and new aspects of how we are. By this, new ways to the adventure relationship will open.
The power of love will flow from deeper sources which we find in going deeper inside and opening up more to our partner(s).


Emotional circle work and constellation work, role play, breathwork, visualizations in single, partner and small group format.


We work creatively with the personal issues of our participants. We facilitate the group in an atmosphere of loving trust, playfulness and respect.


The seminar is open for all men and women, for singles and pairs.


Seminar leaders:
Mag. Birgit M. Ahlfeld-Ehrmann
Psychotherapist, management trainer, facilitating the dolphin training for creative visualization, book author


Dr. Wilfried Ehrmann
Psychotherapist, breathworker and facilitator of the ATMAN-training for breathworkers, Peakstates therapist, book author


Venue: Spa Hotel, Lucan, Co.Dublin                                     

Cost €220.00

Early Bird Special until May1st €199.00

Date: Friday 25th – Sunday 27th July                                   

Contact Patricia O’Driscoll on 087-2999342 or e-mail

Contact the hotel or phone: +353 1 6280494 for room rates